Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Winter's Beginning

Winter is definitely setting in for us! We were taking advantage of this light while we could but it was sooooo cold!!! I was shivering in my boots!!! haha. These were taken in Taylor's garden of her apartment, so lovely! I hope everyone on the other side of the world is enjoying the growing warmth!!! We envy you on days like these!!! This dress on Taylor's is one of my favourites! I have yet to borrow it!!!! I got this skirt just after the Miu Miu collection with all the swallows came out, couldn't belive my luck when i got it!!! One of my favourites of min.  Have a good week!!

On Taylor - DeVal cape dress, boots from a random little store
On Lexie - Sportsgirl angora neon knit, vintage skirt from Sydney and ASOS neon loafers

Saturday, 12 May 2012


A couple of day's ago Taylor and I went to explore the 'Canterbury Sales Yards' It's an old plain facade on the front then when you venture behind you find yourself surrounded by amazing, colourful graffiti. I was incdredible behind there and a perfect backdrop for photos! We were lucky to beat the rain as it started to pour 5 minutes after we left!!! Taylor found this cream fuzzy jacket at an opp shop which is crazy because i have one so similar but its from RUBY!!! The boots I was am wearing are this season's RUBY metal boots in Petrol. They are so amazing!!! They sit in my room on display! Hope you are all having a good day! Next post soon!

On Taylor - thrifted shirt and jacket, whitchery jeans, ASOS shoes (old)
On Lex - plain white tee (my dads!!), RUBY puddle jeans (without holes!!), RUBY metal boots Petrol 

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Tree of Life

 A couple of weeks ago Taylor and I went thrift shopping and got these amazing coats! Taylor opted for a classic brown fur and i got this crazy, big fluffy purple one. This lighting when we went for a walk was to good to not take photos but eerily beautiful. Hence the photo of the tree lit up fitted the title 'the tree of life'. The other day I ripped my jeans when I was on my lunch break! Owell!

On Taylor - calvin klein shirt, vintage coat and boots, witchery jeans
On Lexie - whitchery shirt, RUBY puddle jeans, vintage coat and dotti slippers